Aviators of Today

Yellowknife N3N
At the Going Down of the sun
Glorious and Free
Back to our Roots
Kandahar Skies—Part One: Life on Hold
Fly Among the Legends
Educational Events at Vintage Wings
Warbird U – 2015
Thunder and Triumph
Operation Overlord Escort
The Hadfield Summit
 And Then There Were Two
The Hadfield Effect
Postcards from Penhold
The Roar of Four
Inspiration Machine
Todd Lemieux
Meet the Chairman of the Board
Royal Canadian Inspiration
Tim Timmins
Kids These Days
Call Me Argonaut 2
The Tweet Heard Round the World
Godspeed Chris Hadfield
Flying the High Arctic
Flying with the Professor
Harvard Heritage Flight
Going Home
Pay It Forward
Just Doer, Todd
The Last Flight of Discovery
Attawapiskat Annie
So Green it Hurts
Mustang on Ice
Skip Hit - Low level flying in West Germany
Metal of Honour
Down and Back - Flying the Stringbag to Oshkosh
Sabine's First Flight
The High War
Badass Invader From the Republic of Manitoba
Western Swing - Westjet takes care of Gray Ghost
The Flying Hadfields
Chipmunks over Parliament
Angel of Mercy - flying relief to Haiti
Keep Calm and Carry On - Angus Watt retires as CAS
Flying the Tigers, Feeding the Lions
The Beat Goes On - training Continues at Portage La Prairie
Epervier - the Sparrowhawk - College students Design and build Aircraft
The Lovely Stork
Montebello - Ski Plane Heaven
On Being three - Reflections on Aerobatic Flying
A Snowbird in Hell
Commie Thunder - the Red Star Formation Clinic
Living the Dream
Canuck Storkmeister
Enter the Red Dragon
Beaver Fever - Two American Pilots Circumnavigate Canada

The complete Warbird U Calendar for 2012
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