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History and Heroes

History and Heroes

The stories of Canadian and even foreign airmen and the impact they have made on our history, geography and national identity.

Born to Lead
War Pigeon
The Memory that Would Not Die
Letters From Home – The B-17 in the RCAF
The Bombing of Flight 108
Around the World, Around the Corner
The Ghosts of Southern Alberta
Death Came Knocking
Alcock and Brown
Polka Dot Warriors
Ten Minute Triumph Over Tyranny
Of Goats and Men
Déjà vu
Yellowknife N3N
Getting It Right—A Sneak Peek
For the Record
Hero Around the Corner
Marius Eriksen
Every Picture Tells a Story
Relic Hunters
In the Service of Peace
At the Going Down of the sun
Read and Remember
Gunfight over Westminster—The Spitfire Luck of Skeets Ogilvie
Glorious and Free
The First Flight of the Roseland Spitfire IX
Two by Moonlight
Ruler Class
 Spitfire Update
First Love
Piper Cubs of the Luftwaffe
The Right Place at the Right Time
The Malta Aces
 The High Flight Harvards
The Ghost Lakes of Manitoba
The Boy Hero and the Poet Legend
Lost in the Wilderness
A Lake Called Victory
Sibling Tragedy
The Inn of the Divine Wind
The Baade 152
Kandahar Skies—Part One: Life on Hold
This is it.
Blast from the Past
Lady in White
Fire in the Heart
Long Way to the War
Bottle of Heartbreak—the story of Albert “Tiddles” Brown
The First and the Last
In Search of Lost Virtues
A Ghost in the House
Personal Effects
Blinded by the Light, The Turbinlite Havoc
The Battle of Britain Portraits
The Crossroads of Courage
Battle of Britain – The Canadians
All the Things Never Done – the last day of David Rouleau’s Life
Shut Out in Shannon
Lucky Lindy and Unlucky Thad
The War Years
Shutting Down History
Dear Arnold
Fly Among the Legends
Tragedy at Nueltin Lake
633 Squadron
Selling Valour
Educational Events at Vintage Wings
The Great Escape – A Canadian Story
Midway – A Prelude to Disaster
Lifting the Dead
Anything But Wheels
Seven Thousand Feet and Falling
Twice Lucky – the Trevor Southgate Story
One Last Fight
The Last Carthaginian
Fascist Flattops
The Long Line
The Boys
Thunder and Triumph
Operation Overlord Escort
Relic – The Hero behind the Villain
The Mother of All Drones
Canucks in the Zone
Gunfight over Maisontiers
Spitfire Glider Tugs
Navy Blue Fighter Pilot – Episode Three, Until the Bitter End
One Way Ticket to Duisburg
Navy Blue Fighter Pilot – Episode Two
Navy Blue Fighter Pilot – Episode One
The Miraculous Torpedo Squadron
The Men Who Fell to Earth
Say It With Sailors!
Revenge of the Shang
Last Call for Lancasters
 And Then There Were Two
Those Kiwi Moths
Green Cross to Bear
Moose Jaw, A Prairie Town at War
Body English
Pearl Harbor Memorial 2013
Remembrance Day 2013
Oxboxes over the Prairies
Honouring Bill Carr
Me and Mr. Jones
A Close Shave
The Blue Max
Lightning Over the Hudson
Sextants and Sonnets
The Hadfield Effect
Archie – a goodbye
Sponsor a Veteran
Building an Airfield in the Barrens
The Lone Wolf and the Alpha Male
Per Ardua
A Visit from A Legend
The Great Lakes Paddlewheeler Aircraft Carriers
Operation Chastise
Johnny Typhoon
A Simple Thing
An Unimaginable Task
Rose of York
Harry Boyle's Tango over Takoradi
Tim Timmins
An Illustrious Hero
When ya gotta go...
Top Ten in 2012
Godspeed Chris Hadfield
Roundel Round-Up
The Christmas Roundel of the RCAF
Remembrance Flight
Cold Start at St. Eugène
Portrait of a Leader
Our Dinner With Harry
Pearl Harbor Day 2012
Ghosts of Saskatchewan
RCAF Station Playground
We've Got You Covered
Manufactured Victory
Pay It Forward
Art of War
Club Run to Malta
Flying Harry
Original Kittyhawk HS-B Discovered
Wood For Wood
Bull Dogs on the Coast
Miracle of the Hudson
Buffalo Soldier
Black Buffalo
Skip Hit - Low level flying in West Germany
Christmas Greetings 2011
A Biggin Hill Christmas
Metal of Honour
Just One Life
Battle Scars
Angels' Share
Hopes and Plans - the Crash of Wellington HE821
Flying with the Ace
In His Name
Bunny McLarty Dies
The Last Duke
Flying the Beech Glider
The Last of the Many
A Thud Ridge Thanksgiving
The Maj - a friend remembered.
In His Name - the Dedication to Archie Pennie
The Wednesday - the Yvonne Green Story
The Legendary Swordfish - A Dedication
In Praise of The Squadron Pooch
The Hart Finley Story
Saint Patrick's Day Greetings - 2011
Godspeed John Bennett
Red Tail - the story of the Tuskeegee Airmen
Good Bye Arch - the death of Arch Simpson
Bravery in Bronze - the Battle of Britain Memorial
Gray Ghost - a Small town with a big Heart
The Battle of Britain Flypast - a new perspective
The Wingmen - Edwards and Hoare
Requiem for a Wingman - the death of Bill McRae
A Link to Victory
Hap Kennedy - A Tribute
But Sir, I'm a Reserve ! A Horse-man in the Navy
Remembering Bert Joss - Swordfish Pilot
Sons of Men - Tribute to American Heroes
Goodbye Charlie - A Tribute to Charlie Fox
We'll Give All We Know - The Moe Fraser Story
The Grace of God - Fate is the Lonely Hunter
Slipping the Surly Bonds - the Bert Houle story
A Bitter struggle - The Pappy Dunn Story
Me and the "B"... Bob Fassold and the B-25
You've Got Mail... an Alabaman Aviatrix in Alberta
One Crazy Spitfire
The Harvard Man of Alberta - John Bootsma
Thanks For the Memories - John Bennett story
The Queen of the Hurricanes
Poignant Reminders - the story of John Moffat and the Bismarck Engagement
London Calling - Flying the Governer of the Hudson's Bay Company
High Flight - A Tribute to W/C Fred Jones, RCAF
Fishing For Halibags - Retrieving a Halifax Bomber from the Irish Sea
Stocky Edwards to Be Commemorated
Red Tail - the Tuskeegee Airmen
A School of Swordfish - No. 1 Naval Air Gunners School Yarmouth
Old Warriors - The Spit and the Fire
Brothers in Arms - the photos of F/L John Bennett
An Airman Always Remembers
The Last flight of JAD McCurdy
Flying the Arc of History - the Silver Dart Replica
A Nice Day to Fly - The Jack Lamb Story
Hugs, Not Handshakes - the Final Gifts of Charlie Fox
Courage and Tulips
Fleeting Glory – The Crash of “F” for Freddie
The Hero Behind the Resurrection of the Roseland Spitfire
Old Gold—the Golden Centennaires of 1967
Touchdown at Tadji - an Eye Witness Account
Finding Magee - In search of the High Flight Poet
Back in the Saddle - a Reunion of Man and Aircraft
Night Scramnble over Scotland and the North Sea
Achtung Saberjetz - Teaching the New Luftwaffe
Inside Uplands - an Intimate Look at No. 2 SFTS
Holy Smoke! - A Casual Wave From Death
Those Canadian Fokkers - War Trophies and the Nascent Canadian Air force
The Gauntlet - Crossing the Atlantic to War
Till We Meet Again - From Wedding to war
The Untold Story of Patriot Jesse O. Williams
The Last Canadian VC - Robert Hampton Gray
Magnificent Moments
Magnificent Miracle
Al lilly - Life and Times
The Buffalo Nine
Burma Stars
PayBack time - the Member Ride Program
The Boy Hero - Alan McLeod

The complete Warbird U Calendar for 2012
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