The Hadfield Summit

A Day of Inspiration and Leadership Development for Youth

On Monday, 30 June 2014, Vintage Wings of Canada will host Commander Chris Hadfield, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds and the RCAF’s 90th Anniversary CF-18 Demonstration Hornet fighter jet. This once-in-a-lifetime event is a coming together of some of Canada’s most accomplished and inspirational aerospace leaders to celebrate not just this great country, but the men and women who make it that way.
This leadership and youth development event will also host 100 of the most motivated Royal Canadian Air Cadets (RCAC) from the National Capital Region and is also open to all paid members of Vintage Wings of Canada. Each membership of Vintage Wings entitles the member to come alone or to bring ONE young person of their choice—a son, daughter, nephew, niece, or neighbour between the ages of 12 and 18.

Because admission to this event is in very high demand for obvious reasons, this offer is available only to fully paid-up individual and family memberships. Student members may attend singly, but not with a guest. Family memberships entitle all registered family members (to a maximum of 4) to attend. Each family membership entitles the holder to one additional youth guest (must be between the ages of 12 and 18). For planning purposes, member registration for this event will be closed on May 31, 2014 or before if the maximum capacity of 200 (100 members and their guests) is reached.

The 100 deserving cadets, who will also attend, will be selected and accompanied by local RCAC officials. The Hadfield Summit is a members-only event.
The Hadfield Summit will bring together the most successful and disciplined leaders ever to wear the uniform of the Royal Canadian Air Force. The entire Snowbird team, led by Québec native Major Patrick Gobeil, Captain Adam “Manik” Runge, the 2014 Hornet demonstration pilot, and Michael Potter, Honorary Colonel of the Snowbirds and founder of Vintage Wings of Canada will be on hand to speak with young people. Of course, everyone is excited that Commander Chris Hadfield, astronaut, Hawk One pilot and member of the Board of Directors of Vintage Wings of Canada will headline the event.
Commander Hadfield, an international superstar and Canadian cultural icon, needs no introduction. Chris, whose recent book An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth has become an international bestseller, has become a recognized and much sought-after authority on leadership, touring the world addressing conventions, associations and leaders. Hadfield will give a powerfully motivating presentation, directed at the youth in attendance, on how life-choices, goal-setting, creativity and discipline gave him the structure to succeed at the highest level imaginable.

Just meeting and shaking the hand of Commander Chris Hadfield is enough to inspire a young person to reach for higher goals. Photo: Peter Handley

The entire Snowbird team will be on hand to speak about leadership, teamwork and discipline, as well as sign autographs and meet with our young boys and girls. This is the 2013 Team. Photo: RCAF

In addition, the cadets, our members and their youth guests will tour the Michael Potter Collection of historic aircraft and attend briefings on Vintage Wings of Canada and the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan, where so many of the great and inspirational leaders of the Second World War were nurtured. Following Commander Hadfield’s presentation in the morning, attendees will become part of a truly unique event—The Hadfield Youth Leadership Summit.

Vintage Wings founder, Honorary Colonel of the Snowbirds and uber-successful entrepreneur Mike Potter will be on hand to answer questions about leadership, discipline and goal-setting. Photo: Peter Handley

The RCAF’s 2014 CF-18 demo pilot is Captain Adam “Manik” Runge, a young and rising Canadian aviation star whose age allows him to make solid connections with our youth. He will not only answer questions from our young people, but later in the day will suit up for a full-on Boom and Zoom demonstration of the capabilities of the RCAF’s CF-18 fighter and its pilots. Photo: RCAF

The day’s events include time for autographs from the Snowbirds, touring static aircraft on the Gatineau–Ottawa Executive Airport ramp and a powerful surprise tribute to a Canadian hero.
Lunch will be provided to the 100 cadets on the field under a marquis tent, while members and their guests are invited to sit, relax and eat in our hangar at this time. The grill chefs of “GrillMaster” will be on hand for members to purchase tasty food and refreshments. After the lunch break, the marquis tent will be opened to the members of Vintage Wings of Canada and their youth guests, with all young people invited to pose for a group photograph with Commander Hadfield, the entire Snowbird Team and Captain Runge. This photograph will be offered for free download on the Vintage Wings website and Facebook page the following week. This will be followed by an autograph session with members of the Snowbirds team.
Of course, when you have pilots on hand, you will have flying. The day’s sessions begin at 9 AM, early enough for cadets and other youth to tour static aircraft and witness the spectacular arrival of the Snowbirds team, the CF-18 Demo Hornet and Commander Hadfield.

At 2 PM, the gates will be opened to the general public to view the static aircraft, the Vintage Wings collection and witness the “boom and zoom” thrills of the mighty CF-18 Hornet Demonstration with Captain “Manik” Runge, celebrating the 90th birthday of the Royal Canadian Air Force. Volunteers will be on hand to collect donations to offset costs and keep Vintage Wings operating. The day’s activities will end at 4:30 PM with the public departing and volunteers cleaning up.

The 2014 90th Anniversary Hornet Demo bird, with Manik Runge at the controls, will execute a full heart-pounding, thunder-making, vapour streaming demonstration for members and the general public. Photo: RCAF

All Hadfield Summit attendees must be current members of Vintage Wings of Canada and can register themselves and their ONE youth guest by clicking on the box below. Be sure to add the name of your youth guest and his or her age in the box labelled “Attendee 1.” ALL youth guests MUST be between the ages of 12 and 18.

If you are not a member, but would like to attend this event, you can easily become a new member or update your old membership by clicking below.

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