Media Storm

The NORAD Media Storm Command Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba has issued a warning to all operators and/or lovers of vintage aircraft, that due to the rarely seen convergence of four massive media fronts, a Level Five Media Storm has been predicted for areas in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec. In colloquial terms, the Level Five Storm is often called the Perfect Press Storm. This spectacularly compressed low pressure area is a cyclogenesis of TV, radio, print and web fronts, resulting in a massive 500 mile diameter counterclockwise rotation of cloud-based web presence seamed with stunning TV coverage. The killer storm, just days before our September 15-16 Gatineau-Ottawa en vol Air Show, will no doubt drive heavy localized interest and result in precipitous attendance at never before seen levels.

Starting last week, the media weather anomaly began with the slow building of Ottawa Citizen and La Revue advertising, along with concentrated postering, scattered billboards and widespread print adverts. It was clear that something was up and media storm chasers converged on the region to witness this once in a life time event – a Level Five Media Storm.

Forecasters have predicted that CTV's Canada AM superstar weatherman and media anchor Jeff Hutcheson will arrive at the Gatineau Airport well in advance of the production crew from CTV. He will spend the afternoon getting to know Vintage Wings of Canada prior to his next morning's live broadcast from our hangar. With fellow anchors Marci Ien and Beverly Thompson connected to him in Toronto, Jeff will do weather and sports live and remote from our morning sunlit ramp… not to mention some very cool things that few people will ever get to do.

Starting at 6 AM, Wednesday, September 12th, Jeff will bring the Vintage Wings of Canada mission to millions of Canadians on Canada's Number One morning national news broadcast. This is a massive media coup for us and we want all of you to tune in to Canada AM from 6 to 9 AM EST this Wednesday, or stream it live on the web from wherever you are in the world. Jeff is a much-loved Canadian hero whose humour and wisdom, combined with a willingness to do anything once, has endeared him to Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

The very next day, the hometown CTV morning show, CTV Morning Live, with local personality Kurt Stoodley will also broadcast live from our ramp. Expect high levels of vintage aircraft, a scattering of hangar dogs, and high pressure media attention for the Wings over Gatineau-Ottawa en Vol airshow this weekend.

On top of that, on Friday, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson will introduce guest speaker Mike Potter, founder of Vintage Wings of Canada, at the Chamber of Commerce's Eggs 'n Icons monthly breakfast. With a presentation called “From Software to Spitfires”, the Canadian high tech legend will have an unprecedented chance to speak directly to the assembled Ottawa business community about our mission to engage our youth and inspire the leaders of tomorrow by showcasing the leaders of the “Greatest Generation”.

This massive media weather phenomenon can be dangerous if you are caught in the open without a television or a ticket. Some localized TV advertizing will occur throughout the week. The Media Storm Command Centre suggests people living in all affected areas take shelter at the closest available air show. Do not panic. A Level Five Media Storm is survivable. Be prepared.

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