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At Vintage Wings of Canada our mission is to Commemorate, Educate and Inspire. There is no better way to do this than to have our Second World War and Korean War veterans present when we fly our historic aircraft. With veterans in attendance at our flying events like the Wings Over Gatineau–Ottawa en Vol air show, we can connect the real living aviators of our heritage with the aircraft we fly.

We can honour them in their presence while they are healthy enough to enjoy the accolades. We can bring back powerful memories, evoke strong emotions of pride, patriotism and, through the sound, sight and smell of old winged friends like the Spitfire and the Mustang, rejuvenate their sense of importance in the grand scheme that is Canada's history. By flying these rare and beautiful examples of Canada's most important aircraft in front of the men and women who made them famous, we can bring to life the history that they made. There is no better way to inspire our youth to reach far into the future than to connect them to their past.

Not all airmen and women veterans of the Second World War are aware of our existence. Some do not have the money or the means to come to the air show or have escorts to attend to them throughout the long day of celebrations in their honour. Many are not connected to the web and as a result have no knowledge of this great event celebrating their achievements. Most of our surviving airmen are in their late eighties and nineties now. Some are too frail to withstand a day walking the static display line and standing for an air show. You can change that for them.

Send a Veteran to the Air Show – A Gift of Honour
Do you have a grandfather, a favourite uncle or aunt, a neighbour or a Legion buddy who served Canada in the Second World War or the Korean War? Would he or she love to come to the Wings Over Gatineau–Ottawa en Vol air show, but find it too difficult to stand in the open for such a long time... even if the show is exciting and fast paced? Are they on a limited budget and can't pay for transportation and a ticket? Or are they longing to go but just can't find a way to get there or a friend to share it with? Do you want to show this special person how much his or her service means to you and Canada? Why not sponsor them to attend the Wings Over Gatineau–Ottawa en Vol as a VIP with full access to our VIP facility, with food and refreshments! For only $50.00 per veteran, you can name a specific friend or let us connect your donation with one of our registered veterans. Then, as your designated veteran's personal escort, you and he/she can come to the VIP tent and share a day of memory, pride and story telling.

If you donate $50.00 to the VIP Veteran program, you can give a lasting memory to a deserving veteran, build friendships and give yourself a day to remember. Photo: Peter Handley

Veterans... Register Now!
Though the Second World War and the Korean War were long ago, the memories of comrades and sacrifice will forever be strong for our veterans. At Vintage Wings of Canada it is our mission to commemorate your contributions to our great country and to use your shining example of courage and honour to inspire a new generation of Canadians. Vintage Wings of Canada is inviting veterans of these two conflicts, whether RCAF, RCN or Army to register online for our VIP Sponsored guest-list. We will then connect you with Vintage Wings members and other Canadians who have donated tickets so that you and your personal escort can come to the show for free, receive the VIP treatment you so deserve and enjoy a day in the company of appreciative Canadians.

Honoured veteran, if you wish to register to attend the Saturday air show, click here: Sign Me Up For Saturday, 14 Sept. 2013.
When registering, please add your service number next to your name for ID purposes.

OR... If you want to attend Sunday's air show, click here: Sign Me Up For Sunday, 15 Sept. 2013.
When registering, please add your service number next to your name for ID purposes.

If the internet is not available to some veterans, they can also call our main phone number 819 669-9603 and one of our receptionists will be happy to register them on their behalf. Encourage your relative or friend to do so as soon as possible.

You can pick up your air show passes from the Best Western Gatineau hotel prior to the event. You will be contacted and advised of when your tickets will be ready for pickup by one of our helpful volunteers.

Royal Canadian Air Force pilot Lloyd Bentley of the Hamilton, Ontario area flew Vickers Wellington bombers and Douglas C-46 Dakota transports in Europe during the Second World War. You can make your designated veteran as happy to be at the show as Lloyd was at the 2012 Hamilton Air Show. Register and donate NOW.

What You Will be Giving Your Designated Veteran

Whether you chose to give this honour to a family member or friend, or let us connect you with a Veteran from our waiting list, your day will be memorable, honourable and fulfilling. Eligible veterans must have participated in the Second World War or the Korean War and must be able to provide their service number. Our capacity is 100 veterans plus 100 escorts on each day, so sign up to donate now. Here are the details, followed by registration instructions.

1. You will receive by mail 2 VIP tickets/access to the VIP tent for you and your veteran designate (you must be accompanied by a veteran. Tickets are good for one day only, so you must select either Saturday or Sunday when registering.

2. You will receive one VIP parking pass for display in your vehicle. The VIP parking is right at the Gatineau–Ottawa Executive Airport Parking Lot, which is only a short walk to the VIP tent through a special entrance.

3. A uniformed Royal Canadian Air Cadet will be waiting to escort the veteran and his escort. Take the time to introduce yourself and encourage him or her to continue in the service of our country and to set high goals for themselves.

4. The route from parking lot to VIP tent is wheelchair accessible.

5. Both veteran and escort will be provided with lunch and refreshments as well as seating around a table. Shade is available if required.

6. Veterans are encouraged to display their service medals, primarily so that they can be identified and can identify each other. Smaller medal set is perfect. Dress casually if you wish, it's a long day in the sun.

7. Trained medical professionals will be on hand in the VIP tent throughout both days.

8. Escorts must remain with their veteran designate or be close by at all times.

9. If, for some reason, your designated veteran cannot attend, these passes are not transferable to non-veterans. The escort cannot use the VIP parking and VIP tent passes for their own use. Donor-escorts or designated escorts must invite another veteran or contact Alison Slack at Vintage Wings and she will connect you with a deserving Veteran from our waiting list.

10. Make sure your veteran guest brings sun block, a good hat and sunglasses!
NOTE: All sponsorship funds raised that exceed the total number of registered veterans will be put directly towards our 2013 Remembrance Day Cenotaph Flyby Program. Last year the Vintage Wings fighters and trainers performed dozens of flybys over cenotaph memorials around the Ottawa area on 11 November, including a stunning and dramatic formation flyby down Wellington Street, past the Parliament Buildings and over the Parade of Veterans. This way, we can still honour our veterans by flying our aircraft in their presence.

Donate and/or Register your Designated Veteran NOW

If you have a veteran in mind and want to donate, it is important that you register him or her BEFORE you make your donation. Here are the links:

I wish to register a veteran to attend the Saturday air show, click here: Sign Him/Her Up For Saturday, 15 Sept.

I wish to register a veteran to attend the Sunday air show, click here: Sign Him/Her Up For Sunday, 16 Sept.

I would now like to send one or more veterans ($50.00 per veteran) to attend the 2013 Wings Over Gatineau–Ottawa en Vol air show: I am ready to donate now. Just scroll through the “Donation Target” options and select “Send a Veteran to Our Air Show”. You can send as many veterans as you like based on your total donation ($50 per veteran honouree).

The “V” is for Veteran – VIP Veteran program is a great way to show veterans our appreciation for their service and sacrifice. Flight Lieutenant Archie Pennie, RAF instructed on Fairchild Cornells at No. 34 EFTS, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan and went on to fly Bristol Blenheim and de Havilland Mosquito fighter-bombers. Here he watches the Fairchild Cornell which is dedicated in his name. Sadly, Archie died this month at the age of 97. It is important to donate to send a veteran to the air show while there is still time. Photo: Peter Handley

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