The 2012 Calendar

Calling all aerogeeks, airport loiterers, Flight Sim Aces, plastic model champions, history buffs and warbird photographers. The 2012 Vintage Wings of Canada calendar is ready for immediate delivery to your Christmas stocking, workshop wall or office cubicle.

Why suffer the humiliation when your buddies come by for Monday Night Football and find you have a Kittens or Puppies calendar in your workshop? – or worse, a Firefighter Hunks of Canada calendar! ? Avoid the embarrassment… buy a Wings calendar from Vintage Wings of Canada and enjoy 365 days of uninterrupted warbird imagery, with plenty of space to write in your colonoscopy appointments, 50%-off GoodLife Fitness coupon expiry dates, fishing trips and tax deadlines. Each page features a beautiful photograph and a bit of aviation humour… in both official languages! This year's calendar offers up 12 beautiful photos of our aircraft, flying and looking their best. Each photo is shot by one of our volunteers some of whom are professional photographers.

Warbird calendars sell in the hundreds of thousands every year. But ours... we only printed 600. Noone else in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, the Glebe in Sydney, Waukesha, Wisconsin or Markham, Bedfordshire will have them... so be the first on your roundabout, cul de sac or in your office to pin one on the wall.

Squadron-patch covered retirees line up in droves at the shopping malls across North America to get their copy of someone else's warbird calendar every year. So why would you pay $30 for a calendar everyone else has? Why would you pay some big distributor like when only 20% of the price makes it back to the photographer? The Vintage Wings calendar costs only $20.00 at our store in the hangar or online and every cent goes right back to restoring and keeping our beautiful warbirds flying. Next summer when the Vintage Wings Hurricane thunders down the Warbirds of the Med Showline, you can turn to your buddy and say.. "I bought a calendar and paid for the last 100 yards of that flyby!”

You can order your calendar by e-mailing or  or by calling 819.669.9603 and speaking to Alison - anytime between 9 AM to 4 PM Monday to Saturday.

Why stop at just the calendar? Ask for details about our swag packages where you can get the calendar for just $10 dollars. For instance, The “Warbird Package” includes Pilot Notebook, Tour Guide Reference Book, Mug and T-shirt of your choice. Buy the package, and you can add the Wings calendar for just an additional $10.00.

The complete Warbird U Calendar for 2012
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