It's All Good News for Vintage Wings

Ever since we opened our doors and began operations, we have found cause for rejoicing - successful events, new aircraft, great friends, new experiences and lots and lots of fun.  Lately though, three of our family have been the source of great news that we want to share with you. Since the world news we read in the papers every day is far from good or never makes us feel anything but dread, we thought we would show you what the papers should have run if they weren't out there looking for misery, terrorists and malfeasance.

So, as the news boys of a bygone era would have said... "EXTRA! EXTRA!, EXTRA!... Read  all about it!!!.. Vintage Wings Pilot to Command Space Station.... Vintage Wings Founder Seen in Red Flightsuit!!... Grandson of Canada's First Pilot Joins Air Force.

GoodNews Potter

Congratulations to Michael U. Potter on becoming the Honourary Colonel of 431 Squadron, the Snowbirds. In addition to his addition, we also have three former Snowbird Leads on our  Pilot Roster - Dan Dempsey, Steve Will and Rob Mitchell; and the past-Honourary Colonel of the Snowbirds, Fred Sutherland is a member of our Board of Directors. As well, Board Member Fred Von Veh is an honourary Snowbird. Vintage News Graphic - Dave O'Malley

Good News Hadfield

Congratualtions to Astronaut Chris Hadfield, a Vinatge Wings Pilot and Member of the Board of Directors. Chris' brother dave Hadfield is a key member of the Vintage Wings pilot roster as well.  Vintage News Graphic - Dave O'Malley

Good News Haddon

As my wife never stops telling me... man that Gerald Haddon is a handsome man - congratulations Honourary Colonel Haddon.  Gerald Haddon was a key player in the 2009 Centennial of Flight celebrations and since that year has been a close friend and associate of Vintage Wings of Canada. Vintage News Graphic - Dave O'Malley

The complete Warbird U Calendar for 2012
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