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If you want to be part of one of the most exciting things to happen to Ottawa/Gatineau in decades, but can only devote a couple of days each summer, have we got a job for you!  We need willing and committed volunteers to help us celebrate 100 years of aviation in Canada and we think you've got what it takes. All you have to do is click on this VOLUNTEER LINK and fill out the on-line form, then click Submit to send it to us. Be sure and mention that it is for the Open House Volunteer Team in the "Availability" box.

When you click Submit, you will instantly become one of an elite cadre of Volunteers who will help us bring off one of two world class aviation events this summer.  We are in need of men and women, young and old, who can assist us with crowd control, aircraft security, field maintenance, recycling and the many other jobs necessary to ensure a safe and exciting show. Of course there will be a training session with our Vintage Wings of Canada staff, most of whom are volunteers like you. This is a serious job that's lots of fun, so bring your committment and we will bring the rest.

Volunteers 5

Our volunteers help out in ground handling and aircraft security - both important jobs for which you will be properly trained or supervised. Photo: Peter Handley

Vintage Wings of Canada team members are the envy of aviation enthusiasts the world over. Our reputation is built on the friendliness, commitment and hard work of dozens of truly committed volunteers. They are the backbone of who we are. Why not come out for these two events and see if you want to bring even more commitment to the airfield. It's a great way to fulfill your volunteer needs, have fun, meet interesting people and truly say you are part of a world class endeavour. Studies have shown that Vintage Wings volunteers have greater success with the opposite sex, get the best employment opportunities, look better, feel better and have better luck at the casino than all other types. Really.. studies have proven it!

OK, maybe that's not true, but you will get a free t-shirt that will make you the envy of your friends, get fed with gourmet burgers, haut dogues (that's a gourmet hot dog), be refreshed with drinks and water throughout the day, and come away with a new sense of pride and self-fulfillment. So, step up to the volunteer line and let's get the show on the road!

Volunteers 4

Our volunteers look cool at all times - a new personal benefit you will enjoy too!  Photo Peter Handley

Hangar Queen4

Never done anything like this before? Don't worry, we'll train you. Photo Peter Handley

Hangar Queen5

Make new friends. The people you will meet are all friendly, committed and pretty darn smart too.  Photo: Peter Handley


Orange - it's the new black!  You can't help but look like you know what you are doing when you don the orange and rust of Vintage Wings. Of course we will train you so that you actually DO know what you are doing too. Photo Peter Handley


Each volunteer will receive a Victory Volunteer shirt and a great story to tell your friends.

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