The Victory Gala - 2010

 Love and kisses

Maximum Effort

The flying campaign we set out upon at the beginning of the year included “deep penetration” missions across the country with Vintage Wings aircraft touching down in every province save Newfoundland. Our new Member Ride Program put more planes and pilots into the air than ever before. Our short range sorties over our own field were many and pilots all safely returned to base at the end of the day. The maintainers worked “through the night” and “around the clock” to keep aircraft serviceable and in the fight to win the hearts and minds of Canadians. We've stood down, taken stock and now need to relax... Together.

Gala 3

We've been working hard... now the shift horn is blaring and we should all just stand down and party on.

Maximum Joy

With all the action and the steady flow of ops and formations, we hardly ever had time to relax, quaff an ale together and take inventory of our accomplishments. That's why, this November 13th, the hangar will ring with the sounds of big band music, comical skits and the laughter and chatter of members and family. Just as they did in the Second World War, we will put the stress of never-ending “rhubarbs and ramrods” behind us and gather for the First Annual Victory Gala in celebration of our squadron's successful completion of its three missions - to Educate, to Commemorate and to Inspire.

The Vintage Wings hangar will be decorated in the manner of NAAFI (Navy, Army and Army Institutes) and USO (United Service Organizations) dances of the war years. A fine dinner will be laid out for 150 members and guests surrounded by some of the most significant aircraft of the war. Members and employees of Vintage Wings, if they so wish, can offer entertainment in the form of skits and music just like they did back in the day.

It promises to be an evening of warmth, elegance and mutual friendship. The dress code is either period costume or business attire, but we wouldn't turn away someone in a tuxedo or kilt and argyle. It is a Gala after all. The evening will also include a few short speeches by key members of the Vintage Wings Family, a look ahead to the Yellow Wings tribute to the British commonwealth Air Training Plan and very, very special tribute and banner raising to one of Canada's living heroes of the Second World War.

The tickets are $100 per person, limited in number and going fast so contact Alison Slack or Katy Longair right away to secure your ducats or you spiffy modern types can go on-line to register and purchase.

Gala 2

Hurry! Hurry! Tickets are limited, so get to the hangar or the website to get yours ASAP.

Gala5 v

Designated drivers and car pooling are encouraged.

Gala 4

There will of course be the prerequisite speeches by our leaders.

Gala 6

Dine and dance with the elite, the important, the refined, the movers and the shakers... and George Mayer too.

Gala 6

Period costume is encouraged, but suit, tuxedo and gown are the norm.

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