Victory takes Flight

Victory Takes Flight: Vintage Wings of Canada Victory Flight honours valour of Canadian pilots

Tim Leslie, Manager of Flight Operations at Vintage Wings of Canada announced this week that four of Vintage WIngs of Canada’s classic warbird fighters will appear together throughout the 2007 flying season as Victory Flight - Fighter Formation Team. Our newly acquired Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair flown by Doug Matthews will form up with old Vintage Wings hands Mike Potter in a Spitfire Mk XVI, Team Lead Tim Leslie in the Mustang Mk IV and Rob Erdos in the Hawker Hurricane IV.

The four classic fighters will bring together a symphony of three Rolls Royce Merlin engines and the throaty sound of the Corsair’s Pratt and Whitney Twin Wasp engine. The four pilots will demonstrate not only the flying qualites of these thoroughbred aircraft, but the beauty of all four flying together in formation. These four aircraft represent the finest fighters flown by Canadian air force and navy pilots during the Second World War and are a living tribute to those Canadians who prevailed against tyranny during that conflict.

Appearances will be made at a limited number of venues in 2007 and these will be announced on our flying schedule when things are formed up. Each aircraft will perform solo fly-bys demonstrating the unique abilities, lines and sounds of these remarkable air classics. The show will culminate in four-ship formations such as the famous “finger four” battle formation, diamond and echelon formations.

The pilots of the Victory Flight combine more than 30,000 hours of flying experience to create this flying tribute to Canada’s heros of the air. After each appearance spectators, parents and children are invited to meet these accomplished aviators and learn first hand what it is like to fly these living legends.

Photos: Peter Handley and Blair Olson

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