Band of Brothers - Victory Flight Pilost

 Band of Brothers: Vintage Wings Pilots together for the first time.

It’s been over a year now since Vintage Wings has opened its hangar doors and began operations. And what a year it has been! Everyone from managers down to our army of volunteers have put out a maximum effort to turn this organization into the finest of its type anywhere on the planet. Everyone has been feverishly at work readying aircraft and themselves for the upcoming flying season.

Though we are all in contact with each other nearly every day, there has not been a day where all of the line pilots were present on the same ramp space at the same time - until the Vintage Wings of Canada Open House for June. Doug Matthews, normally flying out of Florida, brought the crowd pleasing Corsair north to the home front and Howard Cook came across the big pond to once again share his experiences from world famous Duxford.

Time for a group photograph and a little shenanigans at their expense. Vintage Wings aircraft maintainer Marty Periard, fast becoming the Manager of Practical Jokery, managed an over-the-fuselage, come- from-behind hepta-soaking - catching each and every one of our flyboys with an equal amount of icy water.

Marty has been recommended for the Distinguished Flushing Cross for this exceptionally fine work. Marty is the man with the pail in the shot below.

Band of Brothers: Pilots splashed with water.

Band of Brothers: Pilots drying off.

Before the group photo was taken and the pilots baptized, the four pilots of Victory Flight posed for an official photo to be used in the second edition of author and former Snowbird 1, Dan Dempsey’s much praised A Tradition of Excellence - Canada’s Air Show Team Heritage - a fully comprehensive history of all of Canada’s great flight demonstration teams from the Siskins to the Golden Hawks to the Snowbirds and now Victiory Flight. These great aviators are amongst the best!

Band of Brothers: Rob Erdos, Tim Leslie, Doug Mathews.

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