Type: Single radial reciprocating engine, fighter-bomber

Notable Facts: 2003 E.A.A. Airventure Grand Champion Warbird & Rolls Royce - Heritage Trophy Reno, NV - People's Choice Trophy. TV Series "Blacksheep Squadron" as VMF-214/WE/Blacksheep – Flew in 22 episodes.

Manufactured: 1945 - Under License by Goodyear

Serial Number: 3367 and U.S. Navy Bureau Number 92106

Current Registration: C-GVWC

Recent Markings: As Corsair 115, 1841 Squadron RN FAA, HMS Formidable

The Robert Hampton Gray Goodyear FG-1D Corsair

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Mike Potter, Paul Kissmann, Francis Bélanger, John Aitken


First Flight: 1940

Total Production (All Marks): 12,600+

Wingspan: 41 feet

Engine: 18 Cylinder Pratt and Whitney R-2800-8

Maximum Speed: 417 mph


The Corsair is widely considered the most capable of all carrier-based fighter aircraft of World War Two. Designed and originally built by Chance Vought, it was also manufactured under license by Goodyear at the height of production during the Second World War. Its distinctive "bent" wings were designed to keep the landing gear short and robust for carrier landings and give clearance for the enormous 13' 4" diameter propeller required to pull her to over 400 MPH - the first American fighter to do so. It was considered the performance equal to many other fighters like the Mustang but its short range kept it either carrier-based or land-based in the South Pacific war close to the action. The Corsair continued to be operated by the USN and the Marines after the war and saw considerable action during the Korean War.

Corsairs were first operated from carriers by the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy. Trained in the US, RNFAA pilots including Canadian Lt. Robert Hampton Gray were deployed on carriers such as HMS Formidable and Victorious and carried out daring fighter escort and attack operations in the North Atlantic. This included the famous raids against the holed-up German battleship Tirpitz. HMS Formidable also fought in the Pacific theatre later in the war where Lt. Gray won the Victoria Cross.  The Vintage Wings of Canada Corsair, presently in standard U.S. “shipyard blue” markings, will be painted in markings to honour Hampton Gray.


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