Type: Single engine, civilian, tapered wing bi-plane

Notable Facts: Won Sid Grauman Trophy piloted by Johnny Livingston.

Manufactured: 1929, The Advanced Aircraft Co., Troy, Ohio

Serial Number: CN A-65

Current Registration: CF-BPM

Recent Markings: Period WACO Taperwing colours

WACO Taperwing A.T.O.

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Mike Potter, Bob Childerhose, Rob Erdos, Dave Hadfield


First Flight: 1928

Total Production (All Marks): 49

Wingspan: 30 feet 3 inches

Engine: Wright Whirlwind

Maximum Speed: 130 mph


The WACO (for Weaver Aircraft Company) Taperwing is one of the true classics of the golden age of biplane flying, air-racing and barnstorming leading up to the Second World War. With elegant namesake tapered wings, large narrow wheels, classic open cockpit and rakish good looks, The Vintage Wings of Canada Taperwing ATO seems meant for air racing or aerobatic flying.

The Taperwing was one of the most successful of many models and variations designed and built by Advance Aircraft Company based in Troy, Ohio. A Taperwing was flown to victory in the 1928 National Air Derby by Johnny Livingston a well known aviator, WACO dealer, airline operator and daring air-racer of the day. While he is no longer a household name, Livingston is the namesake of Richard Bach’s unforgettable novel - Jonathan Livingstone Seagull a story about the passion of flying


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