Type: Single engine, bush plane and transport

Notable Facts: Originally served with the Kenyan Air Force

Manufactured: 1965, de Havilland Canada, Toronto, ON

Serial Number: 1588, Military Serial Kenyan Air Force #111 KAF

Current Registration: C-GXPM

Recent Markings: Custom paint and design

The Russ Bannock and George Neal DHC-2 Beaver

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Mike Potter, Bob Childerhose, Keith Sabiston, Francis Bélanger


First Flight: 1947

Total Production (All Marks): 1,657

Wingspan: 48 feet

Engine: Pratt and Whitney Wasp Jr.

Maximum Speed: 160 mph


Canada is the birthplace of bush flying and no other airplane is more emblematic of northern wilderness aviation than the ubiquitous Beaver. Designed after the Second World War, the Beaver was an instant success, capable of carrying heavy loads into rough Northern landing strips and of operations on wheels, skis and floats. Military operators including the US Army bought the Beaver for utility work and several went to war in Vietnam. Though production ceased 40 years ago, hundreds of these workhorse airplanes continue to earn their keep in remote locations all over the world.

Not designed for speed, the Beaver is somewhat utilitarian in appearance, earning the not-so-elegant sobriquet, “The Half Ton Flying Pick-Up Truck”. Those whose livelihoods and indeed lives depend on the Beaver see it in a different light - as an exceptional and optimized design suited to rugged operation with beefy good looks and a willing heart. The DHC-2 Beaver of Vintage Wings of Canada spent most of its operational life as a land-based aircraft with the Kenyan military. Back home to stay in Canada, it now enjoys a well-earned life of ease in cottage country.


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